Smart Helper EA


Smart Helper EA is a semi-automatic trading tool that saves you time by calculating trade size volumes and gives you an overview of your risk exposure and trading activities.

Smart Helper

Smart Helper EA Variable Inputs

The table shows the variable inputs for Smart Helper EA. The sample data are a reference for the description and based on a $1000 account.


Variable InputsSample ValueDescription
Order Number1841Your order number
Equity target to close all (o=off)12000All trades will close when equity reaches this target
% drawdown to Activate Protective close all (0=off)4.5All trades will close when drawdown and closed trades for the day are at this value.
STD Tier = Percentage of balance to move on 1 Daily ATR0.5Account balance will move in this percentage value if the average daily range moves by 1 Daily ATR
TP in Daily ATR Multiplier1Take profit level based on 1 Daily ATR
SL in Daily ATR Multiplier0.3Stop loss level based on 1 Daily ATR

Smart Helper EA Broker Statistics

Smart Helper EA collects data from Brokers-Servers to analyze data for traders to collaborate. View BROKER-STATS


9 reviews for Smart Helper EA

  1. vitsel

    As usual, Roberts’ work is impeccable. Good quality coding and brilliant. Would not hesitate to recommend again. In fact already have 2 new custom projects queued up for him to work on. I cant belive they are making this tool available for free

  2. david150

    Had some issues activating smart helper ea, Jacques helped me with the activation. Have to add your broker account number for the licence to work

  3. jaddonlim

    Practical trading ea for traders that want more control. Like the tp and sl levels and that I can manage my risk better

  4. hassanrqaseem1

    Jacques was very nice and detailed about the bot. Helped me with the inputs on a call.

  5. lancemutsau

    No issues with the download, you get the MT5 ea and installation instructions

  6. hectorpower7180

    Easy to use tool for my day trading strategy

  7. bernieyee

    The best ea for risk management I am able to gain consistent profit and better manage overall risk and trade sizes. With smart helper ea, I am more consistent every day now

  8. adelinoizidro

    I don’t have to calculate trade volume anymore, smart helper ea does this for me, I trade gold, and oil and this ea does all the calculation, very smart

  9. angusneil

    straight forward ea does exactly what it should, using it daily now

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