TW Indices Pro Trading Robot Subscription

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TW Indices Pro takes advantage of time-weighted entries building a position around the current price range of the asset.


TW Indices Pro

TW Indices Pro is an excellent trading robot for assets with good long-term holdings value and market growth fundamentals. The asset class associated with this are typically Indices like NAS100 and S&P500.

Instead of opening a single position and taking risks in the market movement TW Indices Pro operates on a daily time frame. It takes advantage of determined time-weighted entries building a position around the current price range of the asset. The robot will enter several smaller positions that will have a whole spectrum of prices over time. When you take advantage of the asset growth, all these open positions will increase their value together while TW Indices Pro continues to build the position in the range.

With this continues equity growth, your broker could allocate you more margin, which in turn will continue to grow the account as you have the ability to keep opening positions at higher prices, increasing your leverage dynamically. All of this allows for successful growth on the account before even closing the positions. This unique dynamic makes TW Indices Pro suitable for broker accounts with small leverage and larger leverage values.

When it reaches your targets, taking profits or closing positions are determined according to various user inputs for Taking Profit Levels, Stop Loss Levels, Trailing stop, and basket Take Profits. With TW Indices Pro, these inputs can be used individually or simultaneously, depending on your approach and preference.


USTEC 2019-2021

  • Initial Balance: $100,000
  • Profit: $3828160.64
  • Profit Factor: 655.33
  • Drawdown: 12.56%
tw indices pro backtest ustec


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