The Mayor Forex Trading Robot Subscription

$55.00 / month

The Mayor Forex Trading Robot understands the market movement operating a grid system to buy low and sell high, locking in profits along the way.


The Mayor

When you understand trends and market movement, The Mayor Forex Trading Robot will be the perfect trading tool for trading with symbols that have bullish fundamentals or even when symbols have long-term bullish trends. The reason for this is that The Mayor only places long orders.

When The Mayor starts, it places a set of grids based on the number of positions you want to open. The distance between grids depends on the market measure input from the user. The market measure is a percentage of the traded asset and the size of your grid spacing. Typically, assets with larger price movements will have wider grid placements. An additional feature is for The Mayor to start the grids when the asset is oversold in the market.

The Mayor Forex Trading Robot has an essential trail stop which is the first option for closing positions. Once the grid has started opening positions and the market moves up, the trail stop kicks in to protect the profits. This means whenever the market reverse and price movement go down; the trailing stop will close the profitable positions and lock in profits. The Mayor then patiently waits for the right market conditions before placing new grids and restarting the cycle.

Closing positions can also be done using the market measure. The third option for closing trades is the purge function on basket take profits. The Mayor Forex Trading Robot keeps track of equity growth percentage. The purge function allows you to close all trades if a certain equity growth percentage target is met. Alternatively,  you can also close the largest losing trades while keeping the rest of the trades open. The open trades will continue making use of the trail stop function to close profitable positions.



  • Initial Balance: $10,000
  • Profit: $94218.00
  • Profit Factor: 4.52
  • Drawdown: 12.06%
EURUSD 2020 m1


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