Market Blaster Forex Trading Robot Subscription

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Using two traditional algorithmic trading strategies, Market Blaster takes advantage of the correlation in the market movement.


Market Blaster

Market Blaster Forex Trading Robot utilizes intelligent code for two tried and tested traditional algorithmic trading strategies. Pair trading and Grid trading, both running independently from each other.

With the Pair Trading Strategy, the Market Blaster trades two instruments at a time. It will short the one symbol and go long on the second symbol, hedging against each other. This is not a full hedge because both symbols still move in the same direction, although the movement is limited. This is achieved with instruments that are correlated in the market.

This market correlation with selected instruments will protect one position against the other position in pair trading, limiting the distance between positions and taking advantage of the market inefficiency in the correlation. So, Market Blaster must be operated with symbols that represent this in the market. The ideal correlation for symbols would occur on a daily chart and contains less correlation in the intraday chart. With less intraday correlation, Market Blaster can take advantage of the intraday inefficiency in the traded symbols.

The Grid Trading Strategy has two sides. The long grid and the short grid. Firstly, Market Blaster will check how much movement there is in a daily candlestick with the short grid. You can then split this daily candlestick into 1, 3, 4, or 5 grid elements. Because of this split, whenever the price goes up, it will place a short, and should the price go down, it will close the short grid taking advantage of the intraday movements creating a grid. To hedge a short grid, you can also turn on the long grid to work the same with the opposite conditions. So, whenever the short grids find themselves in a drawdown, the long grid will start making profits and keep hedging the short grid. Again, the opposite is the same for the long grid.

Additionally, Market Blaster has the option to trade up to three symbols simultaneously. The first two symbols in the pair trading strategy and one symbol operating independently with the grid trading strategy.



  • Initial Balance: $500,000
  • Net Profit: $1213489.74
  • Profit Factor: 1.37
  • Drawdown: 21.27%
  • Period: 2 years & 4 months
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